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Mon, Oct. 3rd, 2005, 09:41 pm

This past week was the worst ever. except one thing went right, that was the My Chemical Romance concert.  It rocked!! Gerard is amazing, and absolutely hot when he's sweating...*drools*  My friend Stella had the best time!

What sucked about this week was that we found out monday that another of our family friend's passed away last Saturday. He had been suffereing from cancer for 8 years on and off. He had just gotten a clean bill of health, and Saturday morning he passed away.  I guess he got up walked around that morning, but then got tired again and went back to bed, but never woke up.

Jim, I know your up there playing the "heavenly" slots...better be winning some big bucks. You are a guardian angel to me. My teddy bear I miss you!

*sigh* I guess it's true. When it rains, it pours.

Miss all of you. Sorry I can't update as much, but like I've said a billion times, this semester is jammed packed. I'm trying to catch up!

Tue, Oct. 4th, 2005 06:07 am (UTC)

Woo, My Chem. XD

Sorry about your friend. :(